Green Audit Implementation in Schools

A joint programme between Yayasan Hijau Malaysia, Centre for Education and Training for Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Green Technology (CETREE & GT), the Green Audit Programme Application was developed to assist Teachers in auditing the sustainability level of their schools. Following the steps of Singapore, India, Abu Dhabi, Ireland and the U.S. where a majority of their schools have applied the green audit concept, this programme was initiated in Malaysia in order for schools to evaluate and certify their sustainability levels. With a total participation of 450 schools and 40 teachers from both primary and secondary schools, teachers were assisted on how to do the Green Auditing through workshops and relevant activities in each location of the sessions.

Teachers were tasked to audit according to all components based on their current school environments and then proceed to send the data collected to the programme secretariat for further analysis. The Green Audit covers 8 components, which are:

a)Efficient Energy Consumption
b)Reducing the Disposal of Solid Waste
c)Recycling Activities
d)Composting Activities
e)Saving Water
f)Using environmentally-friendly materials
g)The Purchase of eco-friendly products
h)Transportation Management