Community project with Siemens Malaysia

Anak-anak Org Asli Kpg Ulu Semul
Toilet 5-Kampung Sagong
Anak Org Asli Kpg Ulu Tenlan
Bersama anak-anak Org Asli Kpg Ulu Semul
Bersama anak-anak Orang Asli Kpg Ulu Semul
Toilet 3- Kg Ulu Semul
Jalan masuk menuju Kpg Ulu Tenlan
Jalan menuju Kpg Ulu Tenlan
Keluarga Org Asli Kpg Ulu Tenlan
Kampung Ulu Tenlan
Kpg Sagong
Motorcycle steel bridge
Sagong.4.Building wall for toilet


PUTRAJAYA, 1 JULY 2020 – A leading engineering company, Siemens Malaysia together with Yayasan Hijau Malaysia (YHM) are collaborating on the construction of infrastructure and sanitation facilities in three Orang Asli villages through Siemens’ ‘Paving The Pathway of Hope’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program.

The project will benefit about 80 families of Orang Asli communities in Kampung Ulu Semul, Kampung Sagong and Kampung Ulu Tenlan, who live in the interior of Kuala Lipis, Pahang.

Siemens Malaysia, under the leadership of its new President & CEO Mr Adam Yee, who was appointed last November, kicked-off the “Paving the Pathway of Hope” CSR program. It includes 2 key elements which are to provide road and bridge access for the villagers and to improve sanitation in the villages. The project funded by Siemens Malaysia at a cost of RM200,000.00 is in progress and is expected to be completed by August 2020.

As an agency under the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (KeTSA), YHM aims to educate and promote green lifestyle, green technology, energy and natural resources sustainability among the communities. YHM through Persatuan Impian Kebajikan Orang Asal Malaysia is partnering with Siemens Malaysia on this community development project to coordinate the construction of road, bridges, and sanitation facilities for the three villages as well as to conduct green workshops for the children of the villages. It is in line with Siemens' goal and effort to sustain the communities that are in need, and to increase their quality of life by encouraging them to go further for source of income once the main road access is upgraded.

“We realized that it was extremely tough for the villagers to travel to the nearest town – for school, jobs, healthcare and daily essentials. Therefore the mission of the project is to help improve the lives of the Orang Asli communities by improving the infrastructure of the villages, so that their children can go to school, get a proper education, and subsequently get jobs, and improve their families’ lives,” said Adam Yee, President and CEO of Siemens Malaysia.

“The YHM is honored to be able to cooperate with Siemens Malaysia especially in helping to develop the Orang Asli community settlements. This project not only facilitates their movement but also directly benefit the three villages. We hope this will increase the community’s quality of life in terms of economy and green living culture,” said Amin Abdullah, CEO of YHM.

Apart from enabling the Orang Asli communities to sell their harvested produce like durians, petai, rubber and vegetables with convenience, villagers can also access the healthcare services more easily as they can commute to the nearest clinics in a timely manner with the availability of such infrastructures. At the same time, proper sanitation facilities will also enable the community to practice good hygiene, to maintain good health and to increase their lifespan.