Jelajah YaHijau (YaHijau Roadshow)

In 2016, YaHijau launched its first Jelajah YaHijau programme in Sarawak, covering 8 locations (Santubong, Tapah, Sebauh, Kapit, Siniawan, Tarat, Sungai Asap & Lawas) with over 9000 participants throughout the roadshow from January to May 2016.

The Jelajah YaHijau programme focuses on efforts to promote and encourage communities’ understandings and interests on green lifestyle practices and green technology applications. This is implemented through activities such as eco workshops, Green Runs and green-related competitions amongst students from various schools.

For 2017, Jelajah YaHijau will be touring Sabah from July onwards to further promote interest in green lifestyle practices amongst people from several locations.